Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


2016 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2016-12-31 The Gospel of his son Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2016-12-24 Room at the Inn Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-12-03 The Battle of Armageddon Pastor John Anderson Play
2016-12-03 Three Frog-Like Spirits Pastor John Anderson Play
2016-12-03 Preparing For The Kings Of The East Pastor John Anderson Play
2016-12-02 The Drying of The Euphrates Pastor John Anderson Play
2016-11-26 The Sabbath... A Day To Be Grateful Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-11-19 The Lord's Supper Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-11-12 Hell: A Hot, But Hope-Filled Topic Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-11-05 In His Presence Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-10-29 The Brother, The Midget, and Polio Eric Isaia Play
2016-10-22 The Cleansing Of The Sanctuary Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-10-15 A dwelling place Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2016-10-08 Our Final Victory Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-10-01 Give Me This Mountain David Machado Play
2016-09-24 The Importance of Being Prepared Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-09-17 No Test, No Testimony Sabrina Mills Play
2016-09-10 Hope Channel Presentation Dr. Derek Morris Play
2016-09-10 How to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Part 1 Dr. Neil Nedley Play
2016-09-09 How To Optimize Your Learning, Memory, and Creativity Neil Nedley, M.D. Play
2016-09-03 Diabetes Undone, Part III B Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM Play
2016-09-03 Diabetes Undone, Part III A Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM Play
2016-09-03 The X Factor in Health and Healing (Diabetes Undone, Part II) Wes Youngberg, DrPH,MPH, CNS, FACLM Play
2016-09-02 Diabetes Undone, Part I Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM Play
2016-08-27 The Sabbath and The Cross Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-08-20 Fervent Prayer Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-08-13 Homeward Bound Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-08-06 Knowledge is Power Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-07-30 Draw Near (Come Close) To God Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-07-23 Wisdom that is from Above Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2016-07-16 Destructive Fire Bryan Cooke Play
2016-07-02 God Doesn't Play Favorites Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-06-25 An Effectual Doer Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-06-18 The Poor,the Rich, the Tempted and a Good God! Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-06-11 A Perfect Result Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-06-04 What Does "All" Mean Kuninobu Family interviewed by Dan Houghton Play
2016-05-28 A New Commandment Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-05-21 Making Home Happy Edwin, Maria & Sean Nubblett Play
2016-05-21 Language of Encouragement Maria Nebblett Play
2016-05-21 Godly Fatherhood Edwin Nebblett Play
2016-05-21 Willing to Communicate Edwin & Maria Nebblett Play
2016-05-21 Thinking of the Glory of God Edwin & Maria Nebblett Play
2016-05-14 My Brothers Keeper Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2016-05-07 Mother of Israel Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-04-30 To-do List Before Jesus Comes Back Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-04-23 Robes of Fine Linen Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-04-16 Prepare The Way Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-04-09 Amazing Facts - Why Adventism Chuck Holtry - 2nd Service Play
2016-04-09 Amazing Facts - Why Adventism Chuck Holtry -1st Service Play
2016-04-08 Amazing Facts - Personal Preparation Chuck Holtry Play
2016-04-08 Amazing Facts - Divine Commission Carissa McSherry Play
2016-04-02 Isaiah's Commission Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-03-26 Theodicy Jordan Valdez; Summer Egly; Matthew Kuninobu; Jacqueline Grange Play
2016-03-12 The Unlikely Witness Sabrina Mills Play
2016-03-05 Not Ashamed Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-02-27 How can we remain silent? Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-02-20 Anticipating the Advent: A Trip Forward in Time Lewis Walton Play
2016-02-20 It's Never Been This Late Before Lewis Walton Play
2016-02-20 Rediscovering Jesus: His Early Years Lewis Walton Play
2016-02-19 Breaking the Code of the Future: Prophecy's Role in Facing the Future Lewis Walton Play
2016-02-13 A Surrendered Sacrifice Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-02-06 Loud and Clear Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-01-30 Motive for Service Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-01-23 A Cloud of Witness Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2016-01-16 A Good Testimony Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2016-01-09 Unplugged from the Hyperlinked Life Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2016-01-02 I Give You This Charge Pastor Samuel Nunez Play